“Photography takes an instant out of time,
altering life by holding it still”

-Dorothea Lange


Welcome to the world as I see it. I truly hope you enjoy roaming through my portfolios
and witnessing the world as I see it through my camera lens. If you feel that
my style of seeing people and moments is what you are looking for, please feel
free to contact me. Or if you would like a regular feed of my work, find me on Instagram:



Who am I?


When I take a picture, my goal is to capture who you are. I want to capture your story, your personality in each photo. I endeavor to provide you with a balance of both creative and traditional shots, giving you more flexibility and more options.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

Just send me an email letting me know when you are
interested in getting pictures done, along with where
and what sort of a shoot we are looking at. I will look
at my schedule and get back to you as quickly as possible.
From there we can decide where would be a good spot.
That easy!

What should we wear?

I really suggest wearing something you are comfortable
in. Something you can easily move in without worrying
too much what is showing. This gives us more flexibility
with poses and you get less surprises later when looking
at your pictures. For families, couples, and groups of any
sort, please please no stark white or exact matching. Going
for a color scheme works well, if you have any questions
or would like some examples, just let me know and I can
send you some helpful links.

What if I don’t know how to pose?

No worries! Pretty much all of my clients claim that. I
actually prefer for pictures not to look super posed. We
will just wander around and have fun, and the genuine
smiles just happen. There will be some fake smile pictures
(those get deleted), some goofy face pictures (some of
those get deleted), then the ones left are sincere!

What about weddings?

I love to take pictures at weddings. I love getting to be
a part of your big day. If you have any questions
on availability, pricing or anything else, please
feel free to send me a message

Why invest in my wedding pictures?

Well, this day will only happen once. And when it
comes to a photographer, you get what you pay for.
I am not the most expensive photographer, nor am
I the cheapest by far. I feel I charge what my time
and my skill are worth. I hope you feel the same!

What if my wedding is a destination
wedding or not in the same state?

No problem! I am very willing to travel. Send me
more information on your wedding, location
date and info and I will work out pricing

Any other questions?

Feel free to email me with any questions!